Week 39: Let Mummy Know Soon!

Baby girl! Are you going to let mummy know soon when you want to come out? I hope so! Don't make daddy wait too long, ok? Daddy is back home for a while, but he has to go back to work again soon. He wants to spend more time with you, baby. Mummy can't believe … Continue reading Week 39: Let Mummy Know Soon!


Week 38: We’re Almost There!

My little girl! We're almost there, huh? Mummy wonders when you will come out. Daddy asks to wait for him to come back! Daddy will be home next week, and he will stay around for a month before resuming work. If you are born next week, then you'll get to spend more time with daddy … Continue reading Week 38: We’re Almost There!

Week 37: Will I be a Good Mother?

Baby girl! You've been a very good girl these past few days. When mummy goes to sleep at night, you rarely cause a stir-up. You must be sleeping and resting too. Mummy's at her full term pregnancy with you. If you decide to come out now, at least mummy won't be so worried since she … Continue reading Week 37: Will I be a Good Mother?

Week 35: The Nesting Instinct

My little baby! You've been hiccuping a lot lately. You're a strong little girl, sometimes mummy feels pain from your wriggles and stretches of your legs and hands. Mummy wonders what you do all day and night in there. Mummy wishes she could take a peek at your tiny feet. Usually, tries to tickle your … Continue reading Week 35: The Nesting Instinct

Week 33: Down with a Cold

Dear ladybug! Mummy is nervously counting down the weeks now to the big event, praying night and day that you are healthy, and that she will be able to safely give birth to you. Grandma made a trip from Brunei to visit mummy for two weeks. She has been taking very good care of mummy, … Continue reading Week 33: Down with a Cold