Week 38: We’re Almost There!

braxton hicks, fetal movement
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My little girl!

We’re almost there, huh? Mummy wonders when you will come out. Daddy asks to wait for him to come back! Daddy will be home next week, and he will stay around for a month before resuming work. If you are born next week, then you’ll get to spend more time with daddy before he leaves for work again.

We were at the doctor’s yesterday, and mummy saw your little foot on the screen. How cute! Mummy can’t wait to hold you in her arms. Doctor says you are estimated at 3 kg, and that your head is down in a good position, ready for birth. Mummy doesn’t know what to expect with the contraction pains. Grandma says it is going to be painful, and I know it will be. Nothing else matters as long as you are safe and healthy. Everyone is excited! Some of mummy’s friends are already placing bets as to when you will be born. They are hoping that you will be born during their birthdays!

You’ve been a good little girl, and mummy’s going to miss your wiggles and tickles in her belly. The pregnancy journey has been long but wonderful. Soon, I’ll hear your cries, your little grunts, baby talk, and laughter. Mummy and daddy will be able to see your first smile. Mummy is already thinking of all the time she will be spending with you. Reading books to you, playing games with you. It is not easy being a mother, but I believe there is much joy in watching a child grow and learn new things every moment of the day. There’s only a few years in your childhood life in which you will still want mummy to carry you, hug you, hold your hand. As you grow to be independent, you will want to walk down the road yourself. Mummy will have to cherish these first few years, which go by so quickly. Oh, mummy is getting all sappy again. Well, mummy can’t wait for daddy to be back too! Your grandparents, Ah Yan and Ye Ye, are visiting this weekend. Grandma will stay on until you are born, and help to take care of mummy during the confinement period. Grandpa has to return to Brunei to work, but he’ll be back to visit again very soon. When you’re a little older, we’ll bring you to Brunei to meet daddy’s side of the family! Most likely, this will be your first trip on the plane as a baby … how exciting, isn’t it? 🙂

Love always,


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2 thoughts on “Week 38: We’re Almost There!

  1. How exciting indeed. This is one of natures greatest events that you just have to go with the flow. Wish you well. Your little girl is going to arrive into the arms of a very loving mother. Lucky girl.

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