Week 39: Let Mummy Know Soon!

braxton hicks, mucus plug
Image courtesy of http://www.parentsconnect.com

Baby girl!

Are you going to let mummy know soon when you want to come out? I hope so! Don’t make daddy wait too long, ok? Daddy is back home for a while, but he has to go back to work again soon. He wants to spend more time with you, baby. Mummy can’t believe she’s going to see her little ladybug very soon. Doctor says you are estimated at 3.4 kg … it’s a surprise that you are growing this big. The doctor says it is just an estimate and that in reality you could be lighter in weight, but have long legs as you may be a tall baby. As much as mummy is nervous about labour, she can’t wait for it to happen. We’ve done a fine job together keeping you safe and sound in the belly for ten long months. We still have one more phase to go, and that will be when you take your first breath in this world. Wiggle, wiggle! Soon you’ll be kicking and spreading out your arms freely in the air. Mummy and daddy loves you very much, and we pray that everything will go through smoothly. Both your grandfathers are super excited. Men are not always very expressive with their feelings as compared to women, but mummy can tell that there is apprehension as well as excitement in their hearts. Your grandmother is taking very good care of mummy. Perhaps the reason you are growing so well is because mummy is being fed so much nutritious food and soups. My baby, there’s already gifts awaiting you and you aren’t even born yet. Ain’t you a lucky baby? Mummy did not organize any baby shower parties. These gifts are mostly from your grandparents and close acquaintances. Mummy doesn’t really like the idea of celebrating and receiving gifts while you are still in mummy’s belly. I think a better way is to celebrate when you are born … that way people get a chance to meet your chubby little face! Wouldn’t that be more fun?

Well, baby. Let mummy know soon okay? Mummy has to prepare herself for the labour phase. Pushing you out requires a lot of hard work, and mummy needs all the strength and endurance she can muster!

Loving you always,



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