Week 35: The Nesting Instinct

nesting instinct
Image courtesy of http://www.parentsconnect.com

My little baby!

You’ve been hiccuping a lot lately. You’re a strong little girl, sometimes mummy feels pain from your wriggles and stretches of your legs and hands. Mummy wonders what you do all day and night in there. Mummy wishes she could take a peek at your tiny feet. Usually, tries to tickle your feet back in. Not sure if you can feel it or not, but you seem to be a curious little one. The more mummy tickles, the more you stretch out to feel it again! You are just like your daddy, such a curious button. Daddy was back home only for a few days, then he left for work again. Will you wait for daddy to come home before deciding it’s time to come out? I hope so little girl! Mummy needs daddy’s support during the labor and delivery of you.

Today, mummy visited the doctor for her regular check-up again. This time, we did a more detailed check to see the placenta’s position in mummy’s womb. The placenta is a layer of thick body tissue, rich in oxygen and nutrients to feed your growing body. Fortunately, the doctor confirmed it is not blocking mummy’s birth canal. This means mummy can expect to have a normal delivery of you my baby. But mummy has to continue to control her diet … mummy admits, she’s been a little slack for the past week. Doctor said mummy has to keep it in control otherwise it will affect you 😦

Mummy has been cleaning and arranging stuff around the room lately. They call this the nesting instinct … a mother’s natural response to preparing her home for her newborn baby. The home has to be clean, and welcoming, and comforting. Mummy started washing your baby bottles, clothing and blankets. We’re all preparing for the day of your arrival. Mummy’s getting excited but at the same time nervous of the labour pains. Mummy doesn’t know what to expect; some say it is very painful, while your paternal grandma says it won’t be at all. Mummy has also been preparing a song playlist for you by downloading nursery rhymes and lullabies. Mummy hopes you will feel comfortable living here! You, my baby, will be the first grandchild in both daddy and mummy’s family. Daddy is already worried that you will get very spoiled by your grandparents. They have already bought you so many gifts … you need to be a good girl and behave well.

Mummy is getting more nervous about all that’s about to happen. Giving birth to you … breastfeeding challenges … and many other unknown possibilities. Mummy knows it is out of her control, but she can’t help worrying because she loves you so much. Mummy hopes she has taken care of you properly this past 9 months so that you will be a healthy baby. Guess what? Daddy might be coming back again next week! Let’s hope that’s the case! Mummy miss daddy a lot. Do you miss daddy too?



Love Letters to My Baby – Week 37


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