The True Self

So much has happened over the last few months I cannot decide where to begin writing. I have missed the sound of the keyboard typing. This is how long I have been away from a computer. At times, my life seems so full because I have a home, family, and children, yet somehow I still … Continue reading The True Self


Feng Shui Tips

I want to take this opportunity to thank readers for following me here! I am glad people enjoyed reading my posts on traditions; the Malaysian Chinese Wedding and Superstitions During Pregnancy being the most popular! As requested by my followers, I have completed writing a new page about Feng Shui (Buying a New Home)! I … Continue reading Feng Shui Tips

Flowers and Rain

My four year old daughter is growing up fast. She sings to Katy Perry and Carly Rae Jepsen. She prances around silly, exploring funny fashionista poses. She bosses me around just like the way I do around the house. Yet in all that fast-paced growth, she reminds me of the beauty of her innocence in … Continue reading Flowers and Rain

Late Replies

I am so sorry for the late replies on comments being sent in! There has been lots going on in my life since my second child was born. We had to move back to Canada last year, and we're still trying to settle in because we had to move between cities... It has been busy! … Continue reading Late Replies

All Settled In

Baby is asleep. Threenager is on an outing with her dad. I have one hour of peace to myself ... and so I have time to blog! Phew! We finally made it here to Canada. The plane ride was exhausting, only because it was not easy holding a baby to sleep the entire night, and … Continue reading All Settled In