Week 33: Down with a Cold

common cold during pregnancy
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Dear ladybug!

Mummy is nervously counting down the weeks now to the big event, praying night and day that you are healthy, and that she will be able to safely give birth to you. Grandma made a trip from Brunei to visit mummy for two weeks. She has been taking very good care of mummy, cooking healthy food and nutritious soup for mummy (and you) to eat. However, this past week mummy caught a cold. Fortunately, it wasn’t anything dangerous that could affect you. It was just more uncomfortable for mummy during the night, trying to sleep with a stuffy nose and a cough.Your grandparents were so worried and fussing over mummy getting sick … it was quite overwhelming. Anyhow, it’s been three days and mummy is recovering well.

Good news! Daddy is coming back home tomorrow! We’re not sure how long will daddy stick around before his next work assignment. Mummy miss daddy a lot, and so mummy is happy to see him even if it is just for one day. Hard isn’t it? It’s okay, you’re still too young to understand. Mummy is glad that she has grandma and grandpa to take care of her now. Even so, mummy sometimes wish daddy was closer to home. Mummy longs for the emotional support from daddy since she does not have friends nearby who are becoming or have become mothers themselves. It is a little lonely, not being able to chat and exchange experiences. It is frustrating, not being able to share mummy’s feelings with daddy in person. There is a lot of information from “Dr. Google” as well as your paternal and maternal grandma. The Internet, while very convenient and useful, is a tricky and scary place. Mummy has tried to stop reading everything she can think of in preparation for your birth. The other day, mummy got so overwhelmed with the constant advice from grandma, mummy broke down in tears alone in the room at night, wishing daddy was here beside her. Mummy can only message daddy when he’s available. She can’t even call him. If daddy is free and the office phone is available, he can use the phone to call and chat with mummy, but it is not often. Additionally, being pregnant is not an easy experience, my dear girl. A mother’s lifestyle changes from the day she bears a child in her womb. Her energy will be drained, sometimes her appetite will not allow her to eat and instead will make her throw up. Her feet will swell making it painful to walk. If it is a risky pregnancy, she will bear more suffering, only to keep protecting her baby’s life. One day, when you grow up and become a mother yourself … you will understand. Don’t get mummy wrong, it is not a bad thing. Motherhood is a wonderful phase in life (of course under the correct circumstances), especially at the right time with a good life partner. It is a joyous gift of life to every family in the world. Mummy is still in awe how life has formed inside her belly.

Well, this week we bought your bed and bath tub! Mummy and grandma shopped for the remaining essentials as well. Mummy hope you will like your new home! Grandpa has a dog, named Max. Max is a little silly sometimes, but very playful. Mummy’s sure you will be intrigued by Max. Grandpa and grandma has a very nice garden, with a pretty koi fish pond. When you grow a little older, you will have plenty of space to crawl and toddle around. For now, you will need to keep resting safely in mummy’s belly, ok? It is safer in there for now. Mummy promise, when you’re out … we’ll all play with you! Be a good girl and rest up!

Love always,


Love Letters to My Baby – Week 35


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