All Settled In

Baby is asleep. Threenager is on an outing with her dad. I have one hour of peace to myself ... and so I have time to blog! Phew! We finally made it here to Canada. The plane ride was exhausting, only because it was not easy holding a baby to sleep the entire night, and … Continue reading All Settled In


The Threenager

My daughter has been very amusing lately. The things she says are out of bounds. It makes me realize how quickly and easily children learn from what they observe everyday, be it on a screen or not. One random day, as we were chilling out in the living room together, she said the most interesting … Continue reading The Threenager

When You Have to Let Go

It is Emma's second week at playschool. We decided to only bring her there three times a week as a full week might be too tiring and stressful for her. The playschool program had a full day option too, but we felt she did not need it. After all, it was just to start her … Continue reading When You Have to Let Go

Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016!

A very Happy New Year to all! First off, I want to thank you all for following my humble blog. I never thought myself as a good writer. Surprisingly, writing a blog all these years has allowed me to let go off my hidden thoughts in a safe place. A place where I can ease … Continue reading Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016!


I know I'm being selfish here. But I can't help feeling suffocated lately. From the moment I wake up, my daughter is insisting to watch BabyTV. She has no care for breakfast while I wake up feeling guilty every morning for not preparing her nice meals. I get a moment of peace to wash up, … Continue reading Suffocating