All Settled In

Baby is asleep. Threenager is on an outing with her dad. I have one hour of peace to myself ... and so I have time to blog! Phew! We finally made it here to Canada. The plane ride was exhausting, only because it was not easy holding a baby to sleep the entire night, and … Continue reading All Settled In


Summer lovin’

In a place where cold weather prevails for 8 months in a year, summer is like a godsend to the citizens here. People take to the streets as long as the sun is still shining bright. Girls in shorts and tank tops, while the boys go topless just because they can do so. I think … Continue reading Summer lovin’

Wind Chill

This is absurd. I could actually freeze to death if I were to stand outside for more than 15 minutes. -45 C ??? -50 C !?! Are you sure I am not in the Arctic ... *slaps own face* I guess not ... I don't see any polar bears. Sigh. Why do I have to live and … Continue reading Wind Chill

Arctic Wind

I nearly froze when the wind blew all over today. And, it was just 30-second walk to the car from my office ... Why should the Arctic Wind blow south???? Just keep blowing North, damn it. That's where it should belong! 😦 It's below minus 20 degrees Celcius in most parts of central Alberta now. … Continue reading Arctic Wind

Snow Falls

I thought a change in themes would best portray the wintery flurries here. Damn, Alberta ... who wants to live in this cold weather?