All Settled In

Baby is asleep. Threenager is on an outing with her dad. I have one hour of peace to myself ... and so I have time to blog! Phew! We finally made it here to Canada. The plane ride was exhausting, only because it was not easy holding a baby to sleep the entire night, and … Continue reading All Settled In


The Big Move (Again)

And ... we're moving. Again. It is a big move. I am freaking out because it isn't just me and hubby now. It will be me + hubby + threenager + active baby ... Back to the cold we go. Wintry Canada. Where we see less daylight such that when summer comes around, everyone goes crazy basking … Continue reading The Big Move (Again)

Sniffles and Cries

Time really flies when watching children grow up. Our holiday has come to an end. Travelling has come to a halt (temporarily) and hubby has returned to work. We won't see each other again for another six weeks.In the last two weeks, we have traveled by air to Hong Kong to visit my in-laws and … Continue reading Sniffles and Cries

Home Sweet Home

Somehow, food tastes even better in the company of family,and a night's sleep is more peaceful after a reunion at home. I call many places my "home;" Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Edmonton and Red Deer (Canada), Houston (USA), and who knows where next ... I recall an ex-colleague of mine who mentioned that Canada was home … Continue reading Home Sweet Home

Houston, we’ve landed.

Phew. Back in hot, muggy land. After 8 years of suffering cold, wintry weathers in Canada, I can finally strip off the winter coats, scarfs, and toques. Although, I have to say ... it is really getting ot' ... What's it like to be in Houston? Well, first of all there's lots of good restaurants … Continue reading Houston, we’ve landed.