Tandoori Ribs

Recipe for roasting Tandoori baby back ribs

When I was visiting my sister in Toronto a couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of having dinner in her friend's home. The hostess cooked up a delicious dinner, and one particular dish that still lingers in my mind is the Tandoori ribs. It was unusual, but so yummy! One should try this … Continue reading Tandoori Ribs


Korean Braised Potatoes, Carrot & Sweet Yam

The other day, I was at H-Mart (Korean hypermart) and ordered my lunch at Yori Yori. I usually eat at another store, but I decided to have something light for lunch, and so I ordered a Rice Cake Soup. Little did I know, this main dish came with a braised potato side dish. I absolutely … Continue reading Korean Braised Potatoes, Carrot & Sweet Yam

Homemade Malaysian Dry Noodle (Kon Lo Mee)

My mother-in-law taught me this recipe 3 years ago, but I never really cooked this recipe as I did not have the right ingredients. Now that I am in Houston, where the supply of ingredients for Asian cooking is huge, I decided to give this recipe a try. In Cantonese, my husband's family calls it … Continue reading Homemade Malaysian Dry Noodle (Kon Lo Mee)

Traditional Chinese Steam Rice Dish

Similar concept to the Steam Room restaurant in Malaysia

This dish is very versatile. When I was back in Malaysia, I had lunch with my family at a restaurant called, Steam Room @ Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara, PJ. I was really impressed by the simplicity of the dish. My mother told me told me that these dishes can be easily cooked at home using … Continue reading Traditional Chinese Steam Rice Dish

Chawan-mushi (Savoury Egg Custard)

I'm happy! I managed to make at home this favourite Japanese dish of mine. This savoury egg custard, called Chawan-mushi in Japanese, in not easily found in Japanese restaurants. I've discovered only authentic Japanese restaurants serving cuisine type dinner (not sushi izakaya bar type restaurants) have this dish on their menus. It is also not … Continue reading Chawan-mushi (Savoury Egg Custard)