Tandoori Ribs

Recipe for roasting Tandoori baby back ribs

When I was visiting my sister in Toronto a couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of having dinner in her friend's home. The hostess cooked up a delicious dinner, and one particular dish that still lingers in my mind is the Tandoori ribs. It was unusual, but so yummy! One should try this … Continue reading Tandoori Ribs


Pork Cutlets with Baked Potatoes

As much as I love to eat Asian food (well, it's my heritage, how could I avoid it!), I do have cravings once in a while for Western cuisine. Having a good Western meal at a restaurant can be very costly, and so over the years of reading recipe books and online recipes, I figured … Continue reading Pork Cutlets with Baked Potatoes

Bacon & Mushroom Pot Pie

For a change, I offered to cook an American meal for my parents. I thought to myself, what would be simple enough that I can cook, yet still make our stomachs content? The issue was my mom did not have a lot of condiments in her kitchen. Most of her seasonings are for Asian stir-fry … Continue reading Bacon & Mushroom Pot Pie