The Big Move (Again)

And … we’re moving. Again. It is a big move. I am freaking out because it isn’t just me and hubby now. It will be me + hubby + threenager + active baby …

Back to the cold we go. Wintry Canada. Where we see less daylight such that when summer comes around, everyone goes crazy basking out in the sun. Gosh. We have had to sell alot of items. There’s so many things we cannot bring with us. As much as I love purging out items for donation or selling, I’m torn each time I have to move. I get attached to pieces I collected during my travels, and then can’t bring it along with me wherever I go. I yearn for my own home. My own place where I can build the memories in it for the children to relive as they grow old. I want to make it cosy with my own style. My way of doing things around the house. But it seems when you marry a drilling engineer, you tend to move around quite a bit … wherever the oil job goes, we’re there.

I hope it is for the best. As much as I am grateful for living with my parents these past few years, I feel it is time for me to leave. As mentioned, I want control of my own home, and how I raise my children. Everything from their activities to what they eat. When grandparents are around, they can’t handle the kids when they cry and wail. Then they give in. Then they override you while you are disciplining them. It’s terrible because indirectly they are teaching my kid that they can disrespect me. I can’t handle it no more. So I need my space. I’m sorry but it’s my way or the high way. I don’t care whose grandchild it is … it is MY daughter. I gave birth to this kid and I am capable of raising this kid on my own. Everyone parents differently, and what I believe in is different from what others believe in. What used to be done in the past generation, may not work for this generation. So is best we all just live separately. Less obligations. Less conflicts.

Moreover, my daughter seems to be at risk for asthma. I don’t know if it is the environment here that has led her to this stage. She has had a prolonged cough for 8 months now, and we’ve tried many things. From traditional chinese medicine to eliminating dairy and sugar in her diet … none of them seem to have a positive, surefire effect. So we’re left with the inhalers. Even so, we have to use the inhalers to rule out asthma. I am quite against it actually since the inhalers have steroids. Why should she be taking all this when we’re not even sure if it’s asthma? Although, everytime she falls sick, she does wheeze a little. I’m out of alternatives so this is the last straw, and moving to a different environment could help too. Canada is clean and pollution free!

In all honesty, I cannot wait to start a new journey with my family. Yes, my parents will miss the kids very much. And I’ll miss their nagging too eventually. But it is for the best. For our children’s future. These are the sacrifices we all have to make.


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