Happy 3rd Birthday, My Little Girl

Time really flies when you watch your children grow. Every day of my life is now spent caribg for my little ones. Exhausting yet rewarding. One day, I will no longer wipe down the chocolate stains on her mouth, or clip her hair while she is wriggling about her toys. One day, she will no longer want to cuddle with me or hold my hand. One day, she will have her own independence, there will no longer be bedtime stories before we tuck her into bed at night. She’s growing up too fast, and I’ve said this a million times; to myself, to my husband and to everyone else. 

Every year, I make it a point to do a birthdsy photoshoot for her. Last year, it was capturing her being a chef (playing with flour), an artist (playing with paint), a fairy (playing dress up), and a little girl (playing with balloons). The one tip I can offer when it comes to photographing portraits of young children is to let them play. It’s easier to catch the smiles and laughter, and you don’t have to worry about how to instruct them to pose (because most times they won’t cooperate!). This year, Emma has taken the role of Disney princesses. Elsa being her favourite because the costume dress has a long train, which she adores. Sofia the First and Cinderella were additional since I was able to find real nice preloved dresses. It was not easy photographing her, as my newborn needed my attention constantly. So I did everything in stages, and made sure I prepared the setup the night before. Also, for her birthday this year, I had baked her a cake. It was my very first try at baking a cake, and I’m proud of myself. Of course, I sacrificrd time in the night to do it. I would never have been able to bake a cake in the daytime where both the kids will be clinging to me. 

I hope she’ll never lose her sense of wonder, and she’ll always marvel at discovering new things. I hope she will always be curious and be creative in every step of the way. I hope she will easily make friends, and that she will learn that life is not a bed of roses. And that she is very blessed, very very fortunate to have all our love and needs given to her. 

Happy Blessed 3rd Birthday, my ladybug. Keep on dancing as if no one is looking, keep on dancing for yourself and for your love of song. I love you to the moon and back! 


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