3 Months

Yay for breastfeeding! I made it to the 3-month mark! It definitely was not easy. I am very thankful for having my hubby’s support. Now supply is established, baby is growing (fatter), and I’m getting more sleep. Of cours, it’s not going to be a bed of roses from here on. There will be different challenges at each stage of my breastfeeding journey. I’m pretty scared when he starts teething … Ah, the bite!!

So far, I haven’t had cracked nipples. They’re just sore, so it’s a good thing baby’s latching well. The only thing that bothers me is baby prefers the fast flow when hungry. But at times he hates the strong let down. Sigh, hard to please this little man. Although, I have to admit. Caring for a second baby seems to be more relaxed. Perhaps it is due to experience. With our firstborn, I worried about everything from A to Z. Right now, I’m more accepting of a newborn’s demanding needs, and the surprise I-don’t-know-why-he’s-fussy moments. The real challenge is trying to give the same attention I once gave to my firstborn, when she was still the only child. It’s tough. I feel bad too for her. But the truth is, she’s gotta accept this change. I really try my best, but when they are this young, all they know is they need to have mommy to themselves. Nothing else matters. 

I know deep down in Emma’s heart she is excited to play with her baby brother. I can’t for the day when they can keep themselves entertained by playing together. I need my precious me-time back! Even, I’m not used to hubby being around all the time now that he is out of a job. Or maybe I got used to him being away on shift work when he was still working at the oil rigs. Still, he’s a huge help with the birth of our second child. I can’t imagine if I had to deal with both these little tikes myself!

As for baby’s growth, Lucas seems to be interested with solid foods. He watches us eat and he gets all excited wanting to try some too. I haven’t been regularly giving him tummy time, but he’s holding his head up pretty good. He’s also very vocal … sometimes at 5.30 am when he’s awake and not wanting to fall back asleep, I have to sneak out of the room so as to not wake big sister up. He doesn’t just cry aimlessly. He actually “talks”to us about his dissatisfsction first, and if his needs has not been met then he gets real upset haha. I’m looking forward to when he rolls and learns to sit! Then playtime wih sister will be much more fun.

Although, I’m wondering if I should wean him off my boob early. He depends on it to sleep sometimes, I’m worried it’ll become a habit! 


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