Sleep as a Parent

It’s definitely true that we never sleep the same again after having children. No such thing as slumber sleep, especially with the never-ending demands of a newborn or a toddler at night. Most people talk about it this way, and it always sounds the least positive.

I remember when I was pregnant with Emma, people who meet me will say, “Enjoy your sleep now because you will lose it when the baby is born, and never get it back!”

I don’t disagree. I find myself saying that to other pregnant ladies I meet too. However, I realized one thing. Even if I’m dreary-eyed and seem to be lacking sleep all the time, I am proud to say that the only way I sleep well now is when my child is safe and sound asleep beside me. And this way of sleep will carry on even when my child grows into her teens and adulthood. When your children come home and are safe and asleep in their own beds, that’s when you truly can have a good night’s sleep. Call me paranoid, but I believe every mother would agree to this. A mother will always think of her child, what she is doing, where is she, how safe she is … Even my own mother admits she sleeps best when we come home to visit.



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