We were driving home from the mall and I noticed Emma looking rather gloomy. So I asked her what’s wrong. She didn’t want to say. After a few proddings, I finally asked her if she missed going to playschool. She said yes in a rather melancholic tone. I asked if she wanted to go to playschool tomorrow and she said yes. 

When we arrived home, she plonked herself onto the sofa and stared into space. I wondered if she was really tired or coming down with a cold or flu. I told her she can play for awhile before taking a nap. She then threw a small fit of wanting to go to playschool. I had to explain to her a few times calmly the reason she cannot go right now. Toddlers really don’t have a good sense of time yet. Sometimes she wakes up from her afternoon nap thinking it is morning. Well, I’m glad she is starting to enjoy her playschool. Hopefully she means what she says and it’s not some pretend play she’s pulling off! 


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