Bake to Share

Baking used to be a tad boring for me, because I wouldn’t have anyone to share the scrumptious sweetness with (except for my hubby). I started baking when I moved to Houston. Not being able to work has left me with a whole bunch of time on my hands.

Now, baking has become a wonderful activity for me. My 2.5 yr old daughter is old enough to help out. Seeing her happy smile on her face after taking the first bite is so rewarding. I do not claim to be very good at baking, but I hope to be good enough for my family and friends to enjoy yummy snacks. There’s just something about cooking and baking for people … could it be that it is the quickest way to get to someone’s heart?I’m sure Emma enjoyed the experience too, she seems to be getting bored of her toys. When she does, she always looks for the TV. It’s a good distraction once in a while.

Since it is the festive season of Christmas, and this week was her last class at Kindermusik, I thought giving some cookies to her classmates would be nice. Emma was excited to give them to her friends too, especially after she gobbled down four cookies after we baked them! Instead of the traditional sugar cookies, I decided to bake something a little healthier – oatmeal raisin cookies. We added some sugar hearts on top to make it look more inviting to eat. I hope the children liked them!

At bedtime today, I asked her how did she feel baking and sharing the cookies with her friends. She said she felt good. My heart melted.

Next, I’m going to try oatmeal-cranberry-white chocolate cookies! (It’s my favourite!!)

Here’s the recipe I used.


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