The Little Drama Queen

I can’t tell if it’s because my body is weaker because I’m getting older, or it’s because my energy is mostly drained from being with a rambunctious 2-year-old day 24-7. Also, with a muffin cooking in the oven, I’ve been feeling like a limped noodle. I hope my energy levels improve in another week or so!

Meanwhile, this little ladybug proves to be quite the drama queen. We’ve had all sorts of interesting conversations with her lately. It’s amazing how babies learn language. Sometimes, my daughter says things I’d never thought she knew. Then, I start to wonder where she learnt those words and phrases from. Their minds are like sponges, absorbing everything in their line of sight and sound. She is also starting to sing along to her favourite songs. I’m glad the Kindermusik lessons are moulding her interest for music at a young age.

She is growing up so fast. At times, I gaze into her eyes and wonder where did my little baby went, the one who cooed for me each time I greet and nurse her. Now, she gazes at me and points around at my face, asking me questions about my facial anatomy. The only time I can quietly gaze her is when she is fast asleep. Once she is awake, she is full of demands and questions …

“I want this”

“I want to drink milk”

“I want to go downstairs”

I want. I want. I want. If her wish is not fulfilled right away, she wails as if the world is going to end. Sometimes, it is a headache. We allow her to watch one movie cartoon everyday. From classics such as Cinderella and My Neighbour Totoro, to the latest Frozen, she has the option to choose from a wide variety of movie cartoons which my husband had diligently searched online to download. Yes, she is only 2 years old. But I need my break too. I’m not a working mom, and so my daughter clings to me like glue. From the moment I wake up at 8.30 AM, until she falls asleep at 10 PM. The TV and the movies, unfortunately, helps to relieve the crazy attachment for awhile (yes, she thinks I will disappear if I have to go to the washroom to poo).

With another baby on the way, I wonder how things will be like when he/she arrives.


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