I Wuv You

Let’s see now. 

My daughter commands with confidence now in her words. She directs where you should sit and when you should walk with her. She wails as though the world is about to end when she doesn’t get what she wants. She knows how to access Youtube on my phone to watch Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse.” She sings with her whole heart to Katy Perry’s “Roar”, it’s quite funny how she mixes up the lyrics. She refuses to put on her pyjamas at bedtime. She refuses to say Good Night to her grandparents by rolling on the floor. She sticks rice into her nostrils. She talks imaginary to her bunny. 

Yet after all the chaos we encounter each day, she passionately looks for the bed and cuddle time at bedtime. She excitedly gets onto the bed and plops herself down, stretches her tiny, long legs and give off a cheeky grin. And as I lay down beside her to read to her, she will scoot close to my arm and wait for daddy to bring her milk bottle. “I wuv you mommy,” she says. Then, when the lights go off, we kiss her good night, she nuzzles closer to me and sniffs my arm and slowly drifts off to dreamland. 

I know most families don’t co-sleep with their children, or most try to move them to their own bed at this age. But I cherish it so much that I already feel like I miss her. She’s growing up so fast, my ladybug. I remind myself to always receive her hugs and kissess, and to tell her I love her too. I hope it will stay this way for as long as it could.


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