Binky Weaning

I’ve thought about it for awhile. My daughter is really attached to her binky (pacifier), and I had always wondered how the weaning process would be like. Hysterical cries, or just sadness? I did not intend to wean her off this early but an unexpected turn of events forced me to do so.

We were travelling on the plane bound for home. Emma had napped at the airport when we were checking in. Therefore, I did not expect her to take a nap on the three-hour plane ride home. Although, she was getting restless, and so I decided to calm her down by trying to cuddle her to nap again. Obviously, it didn’t work. She wasn’t fighting my embrace or anything, but she was just very careless with the items in her hand. Also, she likes to remove and reinsert her binky to her mouth. Well, somehow she dropped (accidentally) her binky and it was out of sight. In actual fact, it was under the seat, but nobody could reach it, and in the spur of the moment, I decided to let the situation be such that the binky is lost. Gone. Forever.

The remaining 1.5 hours on the plane journey was not easy. She kept looking for her binky and I had to remind her over and over again what happened. I was expecting world war 3 when it was time for bed at home, as her usual routine was to have her binky and bunny doll to go to sleep. To my surprise, she took it quite well. I asked her where her binky was, and she said, “Airplane.” Then, I asked, “Where is the airplane?” She said, “Airport.” I gathered she understood what happened to her binky.

It has been two days without having to care for where the green binky is. I like this a lot better. In fact, I believe, she is more independent now without it. And if she does need extra comfort, she looks for me now (and her bunny doll). At night, she does cry for it softly. It is more of a sad cry. I feel terrible for doing this to her, but she has to outgrow it someday and the sooner I wean, the easier it would be. Sometimes, she still asks for it during the daytime, but only with a cheeky grin as she probably knows it is not hers to keep anymore. Perhaps, she is still checking to see, if there is a glimmer of hope … maybe her precious binky might still be in mummy’s pocket and that it was all just a lie.


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