“Terrible Twos” Already?

Wow. Life definitely caught up to me so much that I couldn’t spare some time to jot down all that has been happening. I think we travel too much, going back and forth to visit relatives and in between sneaking in short vacations because my husband can’t stand not seeing the world after spending weeks cooped up in an offshore oil rig. At least, Emma is getting used to travelling, and I think she is enjoying it too now that there’s more to explore on her little walking feet.

These past week seemed to have darted by in a blink of an eye. I have also come to the realization that my baby girl is growing up too fast. I would gaze at her just after she falls asleep on the bed, and wonder if I truly missed the time when she was a newborn. I must say, there is a ton of things she is doing now that she is an energetic toddler; full of character and mischief. Today, she said her first three-syllable word “Papaya”. She said it many times repeatedly too, and so she must be very proud of this milestone. Pretty soon, in another blink of an eye, she is going to be talking back at me and reasoning why she deserves something and that I need to give in to her …

The extreme cries of overwhelming emotions are starting to develop. At dinner this evening, she was very dissatisfied of not being able to munch on a biscuit snack. The dishes were already laid out on the dinner table and we were preparing to have our meal. Emma insisted om the biscuit. I said no, and explained that it was dinnertime and we are all going to sit down together to eat our main meal of the day. In return, I experienced a protest from her. I picked her up to put her in her highchair, and she cried, arched her back and refused to sit. I told myself if I raised my voice, she wasn’t going to listen because she was crying full blast. So I told her if she didn’t want to sit and eat, there would be no meal for her. Then, I brought her to her playmat area, left her there, and walked back to the dining room. She doesn’t like it when I ignore her like that, so the cries got louder as she ran after me. I picked her up again, and sit her on my lap, and repeated it was dinner time so she must sit and eat. I said this at least three times, each time after I asked her to stop crying. Children can’t hear you when they are crying out all their emotions. Finally, it worked. When she had calmed down with the sobs, I attempted to put her on the highchair again.

Oh, lord.

Is this the start of the “Terrible Twos”?

I wonder what else is to come.

On a brighter note, I’m amazed at Emma’s vocabulary. It seems with each new day now, she is saying new words. Sometimes in two-words sentences. Today, she said “Put back”. I always get her to keep her toys away; put the crayons back into the bag or put the toys back into the box. She is learning very fast. For some reason, I decided to try if she can finish off the sentences from the books I have been reading to her. And what a delightful surprise. Yes, she is able to do it!

“This little piggy went to the …”

Emma says, “Mak.” (market)

“This little piggy stayed at …”

Emma says, “Home.”

“This little piggy had roast …”

Emma says, “Gees” (beef)

“This little piggy had none. And this little piggy cried …”

Emma says, “Wee wee wee.”

“All the way home!

I am so excited to see her learn how to talk. She would point at items in the house or pictures in the book and say the word. Here’s the rest of the words she can say now:

“Ma-mee” (mummy)
“Didi” (daddy)
“Poh poh” (maternal grandma)
“Kgu ku” (maternal grandpa)
“Ye ye” (paternal grandpa)
“Yan yan” (paternal grandma)
“Mek” (Max, the pet dog’s name)
Go where
“Ka ka ka ka” (cut cut cut cut)
“Wok wok” (i want to walk)
“ish” (fish)
“Munny” (bunny)
“Ep-puh” (apple)
“Wo-mo” (no more)
Moo (cow)
Baa (sheep)
“Chit-chit” (her pacifier)
“Pooh” (i want to watch winnie the pooh)
“Ehmo” (Elmo)
“Kai-e” (Kai Lan)
“Aiii” (hi)
“Ewwo” (hello)
“Poo Poo” (impending past motion)
Bye bye
Ohhhh! (Excited to see something)
“Pssss” (please)


My little sweetheart is growing up so fast!


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