Almost a Year … Time to Purge it Out of My System

Yep. It’s almost one year now since I gave birth to Emma. The journey of my motherhood is approaching its 1st year anniversary. During this time, I have gone through so many ups and downs. We are suppose to remember the happy memories but I find the sad ones tend to stick around and lurk in the dark. I remember once a professor told me of all his teaching years, he never remembered the good students but he can always talk about the naughty ones. This is truly how I feel, and that’s why I need to purge all the beatings I’ve received for a full year into this post. Here’s a list of schtuff people have said to me since I became a mother. I wonder if it’s just the way Asians talk.

You should breastfeed.

Natural birth is the best way to go.

Your baby looks scared.

She is a girl? She looks like a boy!

You should bring her out more often to meet strangers so that she can be more friendly.

You should bring her out more often to meet strangers so that we can carry her easily.

You shouldn’t bring her out often because she’ll get used to it and expect it everytime.

You should just let her cry it out in the stroller.

You should pick her up, since she is crying this way.

Do you spank her? You should start doing that.

She only wants you.

You are the one spoiling her with the pacifier and iPhone.

You give in so easily.

You force her to sleep too much.

She is scared of loud noises because your house is too quiet.

What kind of tape do you use that she sticks to you this way?

How can you let her eat french fries?!

She’s asleep? It’s only 7PM!

You need to train her to sleep later to follow our lifestyle.

You don’t have a life anymore.

You are too rigid with your schedule and methods.

Oh, Emma. Sometimes mummy wishes she can be just like you. A baby. You don’t have to deal with any of these worldly nonsense.


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