Crawling, Climbing and Clinging

My little girl is 8.5 months now. She has mastered crawling, and zooms amazingly quick to where she wants to go. In fact, at the very sight of me, she drops whatever she is doing and wiggles her way towards me. As soon as she figured out crawling, she was onto the next milestone challenge – standing. Day by day, we see her progressing fast, and wonder if she is pushing herself too hard. Then again, how do you prevent a little one from growing up?

Soon, she will be a year old. Time really flies. I find myself at loss of words whenever I look back and try to remember every single moment we had since her birth. It is difficult to capture them in memories because there is so much going on. I am blessed to be able to take care of her full time and witness every single step she takes.

As she grows older, she is getting more bumps and bruises. She is also getting scared of things that she never was afraid of before. Hopefully, it is just a phase. She still wakes up for her pacifier 1-3 times a night. Thankfully, with am established bedtime and naptime routine, it is much easier to put her to bed now.

A gentleman and a good life partner is not only one who loves you. He is one who should respect you as a woman, as a girlfriend, a wife and a mother. Never let a man refer to you as his “chick”. You are not his thing. He does not own you. He only can appreciate and love you. You, your body, your respect is yours only to own.



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