A Kiss for Mummy

Emma has been practising sitting up from a crawling position. She woke up grumpy from her nap today. I have started taking day naps with Emma. It’s just easier that way, as we both get enough rest. It was my fault for waking her up (by accident!). So while she cried and fussed as she rolled over onto her tummy, I looked away, and closed my eyes for a while. When I turned back to look at her, I was shocked. She was sitting right next to my armpit, with her face intently gazing at mine.

Then, she smiled.

She lowered her face … and put her lips to mine. I want to hold on to that moment forever. I was happy, it was sweet and gleeful. My little baby, giving her mummy a kiss!

After that, she smiled and crinkled her nose a few times as I responded back in praises.

I cannot say enough of a child’s innocence. When they are happy, they truly show it. They are generous with their smile and laughter. When they are sad, they cry. Simple, and genuine.

If only I could capture that moment in a video and etch it in my memory forever.

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