Seven Months


I haven’t been able to write much with all the hustle and bustle about Chinese New Year festivities. Tonight, I managed to steal some alone time to pen down all that has happened in the past month. My husband left for work today. I feel sad everytime he has to go back to work. I don’t see him enough, and I miss him very much. I also enjoy seeing him spending time with Emma. She is seven months and growing stronger each day. Her attempts to move about are daring. She tries new, interesting maneuvers which often sends us the giggles. Now, she sits very well unsupported. She is on to the next challenge – crawling and standing.

When I was in Brunei with her, she fell off the bed one morning. The worst part was I was sleeping beside her on the bed, and did not realize she had woken up. Somehow, she managed to scoot her way (backwards) past the thick duvet which I had placed at the end of the bed as a barrier. I will never forget that moment I realized she had fallen. My heart literally skipped a beat as I rushed to pick her up. Fortunately, she was safe and sound. There was no vomiting or a swelling bump on her head. She has also started talking more. There was one day, she repeatedly said “mum mum mum”. We could not figure out if she was hungry, sleepy, or just looking for me to hold her. Her grandparents in Brunei spoiled her rotten by carrying her in the car instead of being firm about putting her in the carseat. Emma also suffered a couple of good night’s sleep due to the fireworks in the neighbourhood as the Chinese usher in the Year of the Horse 2014. Other than that, she has been eating pretty well. She wants to eat whatever we eat now. We give her bits of our food for her to taste. She is getting used to snacking on biscuits. I hope this won’t be a habit. My mother-in-law just loves feeding her stuff. Not just her, but even me and my husband. It is like there is a constant worry that we are hungry all the time. She even encourages us to eat chips, chocolate and all these other junk food. I have to say, I was a little taken aback by their eating habits there. However, it is a common trait of the older generation. It is important to them that there is always more food on the table then none. Nobody goes hungry in the household. They will go to the extent of buying full-blown meals back even if it’s just a 4 pm tea time. I think I have packed some weight during this trip.

Changing her diapers and putting clothes on her is a huge challenge right not. She just doesn’t want to lie on her back. She rolls over so quick. One day, I wasn’t able to grab hold of her fast enough, her poo ran off the diaper onto the sheets (thank god, it was hard poo). Carrying her in my arms is tiring too. She still wants to move about and step on my tummy or thighs … crawling all over me to try and touch something that has caught her interest. Phew, sometimes I feel like I need to have an energy drink to keep up with this little ladybug of mine.

Even with all that being said, she is getting more adorable each day. The scary part is that she is growing up fast. Not just physically, but emotionally too. In the past week, Emma has started to express shyness. When someone greets her, and I am holding her in my arms, she would shyly lower her head towards my shoulder and stay there for a few seconds. If she doesn’t like the person, she would just pout and start to cry a bit. Otherwise, she would be doing this really cute shy gesture of hers. She has also been practicing other vowels. I swear, this one day I heard her say “car”. She loves to see moving vehicles. We were strapping her into the stroller at the carpark of a shopping mall when she said “car”. She said it real sweetly too, with a little high tone up at the end of her word. I haven’t heard her said it since, so maybe it was just a random “ah” sound that sounded like “car”. On another occasion, I heard her call “Max”, my dad’s golden retriever. She gets very excited when she sees Max. I can tell she wants to touch him. She lunges forward towards Max as he walks pass us. Today, she has been very generous with her “ah” vocals.

Playful is the word to describe her now. I’m struggling to find activities to occupy her boredom. Her toys are not that interesting anymore. She shows more interest in the TV remote and the necklaces on people’s neck. This girl seems to like the “bling bling”. Oh, my little girl. In a few more months, you will be a year old! My in-laws are already asking me what are her 1st birthday plans. Wow, I haven’t thought that far ahead!


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