Happy New Year 2014!

This has been a year of many firsts. It has also been a year which I said goodbye to many things in life since I became a mother. As the year ends, I reminisce my bachelor and honeymoon life:

I miss:
… having “me” time.
… having a date with my husband
… going to a mall to splurge on only items for myself
… sleeping in on weekend mornings

At the same time, I cherish the many wonderful moments life has given me with the arrival of Emma. Soon, my baby girl won’t be so little anymore as the new year with new beginnings dawn upon us.

I’m sure I’ll say this again in the future, but in case my memory fails me, I’d wish to capture it right this moment at the end of 2013 …

I’ll miss:
… her nuzzling her tiny face against my chest as I put her to sleep at night after a feeding
… her coos and smiley gaze when I sing her lullabies
… her happy big smile when I greet her in the morning to start the day
… the warm feeling that she needs me for comfort; whenever she stops crying as I hold her close to me
… her gripping tight onto my finger when she feeds
… watching her learn to roll over
… watching her learn to sit
… babbling attempts which sometimes end up in piercing screams (I swear she must have heard other kids do this at the mall and learnt it from there)
… just watching her grow up

Thank you to all family members who have helped me survive through the tough journey of embracing motherhood for the first time. Starting tomorrow, my resolution for the year is to become a more patient and enduring mother. New challenges await!

Happy New Year to all! Wishing everyone a blessed year ahead!


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