Learn to Sleep Anywhere

I seriously don’t get it. Which adult would be able to get restorative sleep in a noisy environment? With children screaming, clanking of plates and cups, and loud chatter from the crowd? I can’t even sleep well in a moving car and people expect my baby to sleep throught a party.

Inconsiderate and ridiculous. This is plain common sense. Don’t we all eventually retreat to our soft, warm beds in a dark and quiet room to sleep and recuperate? How else should it be different for a baby???

Oh right. We adults only need 8 hours of sleep, and so babies should be trained to do the same. What a pity … babies need 12-14 hours of sleep to grow. Babies don’t have a life, do they?

Well, excuse me, Mr. and Mrs. Judgemental. A baby’s role is to grow. Without good rest, the body does not grow. Without good rest, the brain does not rest. Yes, you have a better life as you can party, do all the fun things you can as an adult. As a mother to this so-called high-need baby, I don’t have a life too. I am tied rigidly to my baby’s schedule. I sleep when she sleeps. I rarely go out for dinner anymore. Our outings to the mall during the day are brief. In case you didn’t know, this is reality. My job is to provide the most comfortable environment for my baby to sleep, eat and play. And that is not a noisy and distracting environment to sleep in or feed. When it is time to play, we play. When my baby is tired, she needs to sleep. What’s wrong with that?

And so my baby crashed to sleep eventually after an hour of fussing and crying. Not even wanting to socialize or be in a good mood. Who would be when deprived of the opportunity to sleep? Crashing to sleep doesn’t mean it is a good thing. It just means she is too tired to keep crying anymore, but her body is already stressed.

I feel so disappointed.

Disappointed that my own father doesn’t understand how important it is for me to parent my child this way.

Disappointed that my mother criticizes the routine and ideas I come up with to help her sleep.

Disappointed that they make fun of it to others, even in front of me.

Is trusting the new-era parenting knowledge a bad thing? Is trying new methods a bad thing?

I don’t get it. I want to shut it all out. And go to sleep. Say what you want. Think what you want. The lights are out. My baby is in dreamland since 6.30 pm. And she will wake up for the day at 7 am giving me the sweetest, lovable smile in the world.


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