Of Pursing her Lips and Loud Babbles

My parents and I were chatting over dinner about the day’s events with Emma. Emma will be four months old next week. Time flies. We did not realize Emma had started pursing her lips quite early as a baby. Scratching our heads, we tried to remember when she had started to do it. Today, the contractors have started work on the leaking roof. There were loud jack-hammering noises from above. When Emma heard it, she clearly did not like it. She pursed her lips before letting out a mini cry. She is such a cutie when she does that. Her whole mouth turns into a little upside down U. Also, she is somewhat afraid of my dad. She does it to him too whenever my dad interacts with her.

Emma started to babble when she was 2 months old. Lately, her range of babbling vowels have increased two fold. She is pretty loud with it too. I am enjoying this newfound skill of hers, and I am glad she is enjoying it too. She loved the response we give her. She also shouts when she is frustrated. She lets out sighs when she is tired. Oh, this little ladybug of mine. She is already full of surprises at 4 months. I am nervously waiting how it will be like at 6 months!

In the mornings, she gives me the biggest smile when I greet her in the crib. Sometimes, I let her call out and babble for awhile before going to her. Partly because I am still sleepy and want to cram in a few more minutes of shut-eye. She gets very excited to wake up in te morning … Kicking and waving her arms energetically.

While I question the whole process of tending to her needs during her night wakings … or how much longer I have to deal with this lack of sleep … I remind myself that these are the moments with Emma that will soon pass.

I’ll miss her genuine smile when she sees me in the morning. Happily knowing that mummy is around.

I’ll miss her laughter when I imitate her babbles while changing her diaper.

I’ll miss how she locks her lips in content after finishing her milk during the night, and how she will rest so comfortably in my arms, nuzzling her face into my breasts.

No matter how people will say my baby girl is shy, scared of strangers and loves to cling to mummy … Emma is special the way she is. Nobody else knows how lovely and intelligent she can be.


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