The Little Things

I hope this waking-up-at-5.30am-to-start-the-day does not last forever. Then again, she’s usually back to sleep in half an hour because it’s still dark and cool, which I believe she thinks it is still night time.

My aunt decided to drop by unannounced yesterday evening. I was in my armor suit, ready to battle Emma’s bedtime protest when the doorbell rang. I was shocked how she got through the guards. The guard on duty did follow her all the way to my house to make sure that everything was okay, but still they shouldn’t have let her in just because she insisted that I was home. Nobody answered the intercom because no one had time. She did call my phone earlier, but I did not answer it as I was busy with Emma. My phone is always on silent mode nowadays. By the time I got to my phone, I realize the missed call was 3 hours ago. Too bad, so sad. Just like Emma, I need my restorative nap too. I tell my friends and relatives to just text me if it is not urgent. My aunt should have got the message that I was busy and it was not convenient to drop by. Sigh. Anyway.

Emma did not nap well today. In the morning at around 9 am, she wanted to nap as usual. It was easy to put her to bed, and I guess she really was tired. However, my aunt decided to step outside and greet Max. As they were right above Emma’s room, and Max’s barking is quite an earful … Emma only slept for 30 minutes. I tried to pat her back to sleep, but she only slept an additional 10 minutes. So I decided it was just time to head out to the mall, and I knew she was going to be tired. Besides, this trip to the mall was necessary. Otherwise, my aunt will linger on in the house for a long time. As much as I pity her sometimes, since she is separated from her husband and her only daughter is living in UK, I find she is not aware of basic manners sometimes. While it may be convenient to her, it is not convenient to others who have their own schedule to follow. I cannot entertain her, and I cannot have Emma play with her for hours.

At the mall, Emma behaved alright initially but after that she fussed. As expected, she was tired, and she can’t fall asleep with so much stimulation around her. I tried to lay her down in the stroller this time. We have a Britax B-Agile, and we used to put her in the carseat atop the stroller. Now that she can sit up assisted, with better neck and back control, we decided she is ready to sit in the stroller. Well, I have to get her used to it. If we are making a trip to Hong Kong in December, we will be using the stroller and so she will have to learn how to nap in it. Anyway, she cried and cried. I strapped her back in, told her that we are going home. I could see she was dozing off to sleep as I pushed the stroller, with occasional bouts of crying. When I placed her in the carseat, she dozed off as soon as I started driving. Poor gal. She only slept 30 minutes. I tried to take a slower drive so she can continue napping without interruption. If there’s anything I’ve learnt from my sleep training habits … sleep/naps on something stationary (i.e. bed) is best. She doesn’t sleep well even in a moving car. I know some babies sleep through anything, but not my Emma.

We got home, and she was awake and playing for awhile. Soon after, she was tired again, and so this time I laid down with her on my bed to nap. I was tired too. Sigh, but it probably only lasted 40 minutes or so … due to the rumbling thunder. Lately, there has been thunderstorms in the evening. She doesn’t get frightened by it, but she wakes up from the sound and the vibration. There goes her afternoon nap.

So I had to put her to bed early at 5.30 pm. Who knows what the night will bring today …

But there are the little things I love about her when she’s not fussing. When I sing her a lullaby to put her to sleep, she smiles and coos at me so sweetly.

I know I try to not get her in the habit of sleeping with me on my bed, but when I do put her beside me she scans her surroundings as if it is a new environment. Then, she looks at me as I reinsert her pacifier, and gives me her sweetest smile, letting me know she is so happy that I’m sleeping beside her.

It’s been a tiring day. But these smiles are so sweet I cannot resist not loving them. They keep me going when the going gets tough 🙂


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