Emma’s Birth


After 10 long months, mummy gave birth to you, Emma … my baby girl, on 12 July 2013. Even though it was a long, painful and worrisome labor … Mummy safely delivered you through an emergency c-section. Mummy was filled with tears of joy when she heard your first cry.

Now you’ve settled in at home. You are a week old. Mummy, daddy and your grandparents have been working hard round the clock to take care of you. Breastfeeding you is challenging, but mummy will try her best. Although exhausted, mummy and daddy’s frustration and tiredness disappear whenever you give us a silly smile while sleeping. Your dreams must be very sweet. Sometimes you will give a smile as you doze off while feeding at mummy’s breasts. These are moments mummy and daddy are cherishing as we speak. Time does fly by fast even though you are only a week old. Soon, you will be a big girl, our dependence on us will grow further apart. Soon, mummy will be sitting in the same spot as grandma is right now, watching you breastfeed your own baby … and reminiscing her own time with you when you were a baby. Life is so wonderful yet complex!

We love you very much Emma, and can’t wait to enjoy more happy moments of your growth in our family.

Love always,
Mama & Papa


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