Week 31: Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM)

gestational diabetes mellitus (gdm)
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Hello baby girl!

You’re definitely getting cramped up in there, huh? Mummy’s been feeling all you frustrating kicks and squirms. You must be trying hard to find that comfortable spot! Unfortunately, you have to adjust to mummy’s constant changing postures. Too bad my little one, you are sort of invading most of mummy’s space too!

Yesterday, it was mummy’s routine check-up with the doctor. The blood test results show that mummy has gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM), and that mummy has to change her diet to prevent both yourself and mummy from the health risks of this condition. It is not a serious condition if treated on time. Sometimes, the diabetes condition goes away after pregnancy. Now, mummy has to prick her finger every two hours after a meal, and drop a sample of blood into a glucose monitoring device. Daddy thinks it is very painful, but it really isn’t. Just that mummy feels hungry quicker now since the diet change involves reducing carbohydrates intake. I hope you are doing okay, my little one. Mummy was reading the risks of this condition (if untreated), and it is so scary … scary to think that mummy’s health is putting you at risk. Although, the doctor said you are gaining weight normally, and you are doing well so far with no known issues. Therefore, Mummy hopes the GDM condition isn’t as bad as it sounds. Mummy prays you will be a healthy baby. Mummy is always praying for your safety and health. This is the first time mummy feels so much emotion towards responsibility. Now, I understand what your grandma means when she used to scold mummy during her younger years. Grandma used to always say, “You’ll know how it feels when you become a mother yourself.” If you get sick, mummy will feel sad. If you feel pain, mummy will feel pain. Once you are born, mummy will no longer be able to sleep peacefully at night unless mummy knows you are safe and sound at home. It’s an indescribable feeling, my baby. These are the sufferings of a mother. Such is a motherly’s love and sacrifice to protect her child.

Mummy has started buying the essentials we need for your arrival, such as diapers, nappy rash creams, wash cloths baby towels, etc… . The other day, mummy let out a little cry of pain while walking around in the house. Do you know why? It’s because you, naughty girl, stretched and turned your head so far against mummy’s cervix bone and it was very painful! Hang in there, dear. Like mummy said, it’s not time yet and it’s safer for you to be in mummy’s belly even though it’s so cramped in there. Please be a good girl! Mummy never asks too much of you except to be healthy and be an obedient girl!



Love Letters to My Baby – Week 32


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