Week 30: Ten more Weeks!

Image courtesy of http://www.parentsconnect.com

Hello my baby girl!

We’re near the finish line, my dear! Ten more weeks and counting down. Mummy is getting nervous but she is very excited to see you and hold you in her arms. Daddy has been back for two weeks now. Mummy likes it because daddy is around to accompany mummy. Today, mummy felt very sad because daddy has to leave for work. He will be away for six weeks … it’s a long time, baby. Mummy misses daddy very much. Let’s pray for his safety and health while at work, okay? He hopes that you will wait for him to come home before the big event … being born! A lot has gone by this past couple weeks. Mummy went to see the doctor again for her regular check-up. Everything seems to be okay. Your kicks and wiggles are getting very strong. Mummy can feel your every movement now. It must be getting very cramped in there! Rest assured, my baby … you are safer in mummy’s belly for now even though it may be uncomfortable. Be patient, my little one.

Mummy took some maternity photos today. Daddy helped out with his amateur photography skills. Initially, mummy didn’t want to take any photos … it’s one of those camera-shy moments around the changes going through mummy’s body, but daddy finally convinced mummu it’s a beautiful change. And so, mummy would like to capture this wonderful growing belly for keepsake … I’m sure you’re unaware of what’s going on outside; the debate on which photography pose to use, and the click-click of the camera … Soon, mummy will be capturing lots of photos of you when you’re born! You didn’t expect your mummy’s quite the photographer, didn’t you?

Sometimes, mummy feel as if life is moving so fast. In a blink of an eye, we got married and then conceived you. We just packed up and moved half way across the world. Mummy realizes grandpa and grandma are growing older … it’s been so many years now mummy has lived away from home. A few older relatives whom we know have passed on to the afterlife. What’s going to happen next? We don’t realize it but our lives are constantly changing … day by day. War could erupt anytime between fighting nations. Unrest in the country could occur as well. The world is not at peace. And mummy sometimes feel that way with her life too … never at peace. There’s always unhappiness. Unfairness. Resentment. So much negativity in emotions. My little one, mummy wishes she could sleep like you do! Free of worries, sleeping like a baby. On a brighter note, as much as mummy is nervous about the pains of labour, mummy can’t wait to teach you so many things. Just to hear your first words, see your first smile, laugh along with your first chuckle … grandma says all that pain is worth it in the end. For now, you will still want to hold on to mummy and daddy’s hands. Then comes a point in time where you want to let go, and run free. Such is the heartache every parent goes through in life. Well, mummy and daddy loves you very much … and we hope that you will love us too! Good night, baby. Sleep tight!

Maternity Photo

xoxo 🙂


Love Letters to My Baby – Week 31


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