Week 27: Daddy’s Coming Home!

27 weeks pregnant, low placenta,
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Hello my little ladybug!

Are you liking mummy’s love letters to you? It’s too bad you can only read them when you’re much older. That’s okay, then you’ll understand what it feels like to be a mother. Someday, you’ll reach that phase in life where you’ll be a mother yourself.

Daddy’s coming home this week! Do you miss daddy’s voice? Soon, you’ll get to hear it again … but only for a short time as daddy will start his long work schedule. Daddy told me yesterday he was worried you might forget who he is. He said he is ready to accept any kind of initial rejection, but it is no doubt he will feel very sad. Mummy assured daddy that it will only be temporary, since you are a baby and you do not know what is going on. This is his sacrifice he has decided to make for us, baby. You must always remember, even though daddy can’t spend every day with us all the time, he loves you and mummy very much. Daddy is working hard to give us a place to stay, food on the table so we do not go hungry, clothes for you to wear so you will not feel cold, and toys for you to play with. In the long run, he is also saving up money for your future education. You must always remember to be grateful for daddy’s love.

Mummy has also made her first visit to the doctor here in Malaysia. The doctor seems very professional and experienced. I got a sneak peek at you again through the ultrasound machine. But the doctor mentioned something that worried mummy. It seems the placenta in mummy’s uterus, which is providing you the nutrients and oxygen to survive is sitting in a low position. The doctor said this could be risky if the placenta is completely blocking the birth canal, and mummy will have to have surgery to keep us both safe and sound. Although, the doctor could not confirm if the placenta is currently blocking the birth canal since your cute little head was in the way of the camera! Hopefully, like the doctor says, the placenta will move up by itself as you and the uterus grows bigger. For now, mummy has to be aware of any sign of bleeding. Do not worry, baby. The doctor will helps us out. Now, all you have to do is be a good girl, eat well, and grow healthy! The other morning, while mummy was still lying in bed, you gave mummy a wonderful surprise. Perhaps, it is getting quite cramped in there for you. You stretched one of your legs out so far that mummy could feel the shape of your tiny feet! Soon, my baby … you will be able to stretch as much as you want. But for now, it is safer for you to stay in mummy’s belly, okay? Hang in there!


Mummy & Daddy xoxo

Love Letters to my Baby – Week 30


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