Week 25: Safely Home

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My dear baby,

We are in Malaysia! This is your mummy’s home country. Mummy was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur. Your grandparents are so excited that we are back. So far mummy has fed you lots of yummy fish dishes, nutritious soup, mee goreng (friend noodles) and roti canai (indian pancake)! Your daddy is getting jealous. He can’t wait to taste Malaysian food again.

I hope the journey for you wasn’t too stressful. Mummy tried her best to stay relaxed and slept whenever she could. Mummy has never sat a business class seat on Singapore Airlines before. We decided to spend more money so that we can bring you safely home to Malaysia. It’s not just a 2-hour flight, baby. It’s a 26 hour journey! It is very tiring being on a plane for long hours. Mummy can’t imagine how uncomfortable it would be to sit on economy class, where the seat cannot be fully reclined down. It was important for mummy to be able to lie down and sleep. Carrying you in mummy’s belly is not an easy job, little girl. Although the bed is still not as comfortable as our own at home, it is better than none at all. Mummy was able to stretch her legs out, and elevate it as needed while watching movies or reading a book on the plane. All of this to protect you, my little one. A well-rested and non-stressed mummy equals a healthy and happy baby! At first, mummy was afraid she would get hungry easily during the flight. Mummy prepared lots of snacks in her hand-carry bag, but soon realized it was not needed. The business class service is excellent when it comes to the quality and quantity of food. Mummy was well-fed during the flight. Moreover, when she arrived at Changi International Airport in Singapore, she got the opportunity to use the airport lounge. It was awesome! Mummy got to take a refreshing shower too. Then, there was a complimentary breakfast buffet being served. Mummy definitely indulged in a lot of the good South East Asian delicacies.

Now, we are in your grandparents home. All settled and well-rested. You have to promise mummy that you will continue growing healthy and well! We will have our first doctor’s appointment at the hospital on Monday. Hopefully the doctors here in Malaysia are just as good as the ones in Houston. Let’s also hope that daddy gets here soon so that we can reunite as a family again! Do you miss daddy? Mummy misses daddy very much!



Love Letters to My Baby – Week 27


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