Week 24: A 26-hour Journey Home

24 weeks pregnant, second trimester, travelling
Image courtesy of http://www.parentsconnect.com

Hello baby girl!

Tomorrow mummy will be bringing you on the plane! We are going back to your grandparents home, baby. We’ve been so busy packing and selling our items here. Mummy is going to miss daddy a lot because he will be traveling a little later. Will you miss daddy too? I have to get daddy to talk to you more. Otherwise, you may forget how daddy’s voice sounds like 😦

We’ll be on a long flight home, baby. I don’t know if it will be uncomfortable for you since you’re so warmly ensconced in mummy’s uterus. Mummy may feel a little more discomfort. Don’t worry! It will be an adventure for you. You’ll be flying in the air! How lucky you are, already sitting on a plane before you are born. It is going to be a 26-hour journey home. We will stop over in Moscow briefly, and then Singapore. The journey from Singapore to Malaysia is a short one, and so once we are there we will be almost home! The doctor says mummy is in good condition to travel. We’ll have to work together to keep each other safe and healthy. Hang in there, baby! We thought you were going to be an American baby, but I guess not! You’ll arrive on Malaysian soil!



Love Letters to My Baby – Week 25


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