Week 20: Anatomy Check

midpoint pregnancy, 5 months, second trimester, anatomy check ultrasound
Image courtesy of http://www.parentsconnect.com

Hello baby!

Mummy was so excited on the day of her doctor’s appointment. Mummy was also glad she only worked 3 hours that day, and the rest of the day she took off for the appointment. We were going to meet you again! Well, on a TV screen for now. Mummy’s co-worker told her that this anatomy check at the doctor’s appointment was going to be a long one. This is where they measure your little limbs and organs to ensure you are developing well. However, mummy wasn’t expecting it to be so uncomfortable! The sonographer said she could not see you clearly. You positioned yourself way at the bottom of the uterus and you were very active, constantly moving around and showing your little bum bum to us. So the sonographer kept pressing the transducer harder into mummy’s belly, and rubbing it all around uncomfortably hard. She even jabbed quickly a couple times at one spot in hopes that the vibration would prompt you to move into a different position! Oh, baby … you were so naughty! We stayed in the ultrasound room for at least 45 minutes to get all the important data. Mummy and daddy was very glad to hear from the doctor that everything looked fine and you are healthy. The coolest part was being able to watch you open your mouth and close your mouth! We can see you moving your hands and legs around too. We got lots of photos of you this time! From your right hand, to your face and heart … we even got a photo confirming that you are going to be our little princess! It was interesting, as mummy thought you were going to be a boy. Daddy won the guessing game this time, he felt you were going to be a girl. In fact, most of our friends and acquaintances guessed you were going to be a boy. Only your grandaunt, and one of mummy’s co-worker said you are going to be a girl. Either way, mummy and daddy will welcome you with all our love.

Well dear baby, you won’t really need to know this since you will be in mummy’s belly still … but we are probably moving back to Malaysia. Daddy got a job assignment there, and it was a difficult decision to make because mummy started work here not too long ago, and daddy will be away for a long time. If we choose to stay in the US, mummy will be all alone. At least, moving back to Malaysia, your grandparents will be around and they can help take care of mummy until you are born. Such a surprises, eh? Life changing events such as these are never planned for, but we try to make the best of everything even though it may not be ideal. As a baby and when you are a child, you are still safe from these kind of decisions. But you will need to learn to face them with courage and wisdom. This is all part and parcel of the human life.

Anyhow, mummy is excited that she will be closer to family, but it also means mummy will see less of daddy when he goes to work for 6 weeks outstation. At least, mummy will get to see daddy for 3 weeks each time he gets off his shift. Don’t be upset ok? You’re going to love your grandparents home. It is very beautiful, and there’s lots of space. Grandpa just got a puppy as a pet too. It is a very nice environment, and there will be lots of delicious and nutritious food to eat. Daddy still loves you and mummy very much even if he’s away at work for long periods of time – you must always remember this. Daddy works hard to give us a good life, food to eat, and shelter to live under. Unfortunately, to survive well in this world, we need sufficient money. So you must always remember to appreciate daddy even though he may not always be around you all the time.

Another adventure for us baby! You’re not even born yet and you’re already making a trip internationally. Ain’t you a lucky one?



Love Letters to My Baby – Week 24


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