Week 19: A kick!

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My dear baby,

Daddy says mummy’s belly is growing bigger each week. However, mummy can’t help but feel apprehensive with other people’s comments about how small mummy’s belly looks. I hope you are growing healthy in there. We will get to meet you soon at the next ultrasound check. This time the doctor will measure your little organs, limbs and bones to make sure you are doing fine. I am praying hard everything will be ok. Like I said before, it is difficult not knowing or seeing how you are in there. Mummy can only feel your little kicks from time to time. Speaking of kicks … last night mummy was resting on the couch with daddy. Mummy was rubbing her belly, trying to feel where you might be. For some reason, mummy stopped rubbing and placed her hand at one spot at her lower abdomen … and surprisingly, you gave mummy two kicks right at that same spot! Mummy finally felt your strong kick with her hands! Too bad you didn’t kick after that, and daddy didn’t get to feel it. Mummy was so happy 🙂 Is this your way of saying hello?



Love Letters to My Baby – Week 20


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