Week 18: Somebody’s Sleepy

baby yawn
baby yawn
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Mummy read that this week you would have mastered the art of yawning! Somebody’s sleepy! This week Mummy and Daddy volunteered at the temple. We helped clean and re-arrange books on the shelf. Daddy did most of the hard work since Mummy needed to take frequent breaks in between. Other aunties at the temple wouldn’t allow mummy to overwork herself now that they know mummy’s carrying you in her belly. You must have enjoyed the movement since mummy was walking around a lot. Daddy was very tired at the end, but we were glad to help out at the temple. Chinese New Year is in a week’s time, baby. It is a joyous season where we celebrate the New Year (based on the Lunar calendar) with family. Mummy misses the festive mood that we get back in Malaysia. When you are born, mummy hopes to be able to expose you to the wonderful heritage and culture we have back in mummy and daddy’s hometown. It is difficult to experience that in North America where we are considered a minority race. There’s so much to look forward to every Chinese New Year. Mummy remembers her childhood memories very well. The red and gold decorations, frequent visits to family and friends, as well as getting visited by family and friends … receiving pretty red packets whenever we wish the elders “Happy Chinese New Year!”. As children, mummy would happily play with her cousins late into the night. We always look forward to playing firecrackers, even though they may sound very loud and scary. We also got to wear new clothes and eat lots of good food. Most importantly, it is important time we take to reunite with family and friends. Mummy can’t wait to introduce you to our big family tree. Even though we may reside far away from our homeland, we must always remember our heritage and roots. These are knowledge and especially experiences, which can only be passed down while our elders are still around. It truly shapes our values in life as we grow into independent adults and prepare for other experiences in the new world. Rest up, baby! I hope you are growing healthy in there.



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