Week 17: Playing Doctor

stethoscope, baby bump,
Image courtesy of http://www.parentsconnect.com

Mummy’s co-workers are noticing mummy’s growing belly. It is finally showing as you are getting bigger each week. Mummy was so excited to hear from her co-worker that one can use a stethoscope to hear a baby’s heartbeat. So, mummy dragged daddy after dinner one night to go purchase a stethoscope at the pharmacy. We came home, put it on and played around with it but to no avail. Perhaps, you are still tiny. We checked the Internet and most people can only hear a baby’s heartbeat using the stethoscope after 20 weeks into pregnancy. Sigh, mummy just can’t wait! Besides, you’ve been pretty quiet in there. Your kicks, which give mummy a fluttering feeling at different spots around the belly, have been mild. I hope you’re doing ok. The doctor’s visit isn’t until another 3 weeks. Hang in there, baby! Mummy continues to rest and eat for you. Sometimes, mummy might feel sad … and cry, but that’s ok. It is probably the hormones messing up her emotions. There was one evening, mummy cried driving back home from work. She was singing songs to you, and for some odd reason half way through, she had to cry. Be safe, ok? Mummy loves you lots!

Hugs & kisses,


Love Letters to My Baby – Week 18


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