Week 14: Thud Thud Thud

baby bump, baby kick
Image of parentsconnect.com

Mummy went for her second doctor’s visit today. The doctor used an equipment called a Doppler to listen to your heartbeat. As usual, mummy got nervous as it was taking a while to find your heartbeat … but that’s because you were hiding behind mummy’s bladder! Are you shy, my dear? Mummy wishes she has a Doppler machine too so that she can listen to you everyday, especially after a long, exhausting day at work. However, these machines are not cheap! Gosh, how expensive this world is …

Oh, well. Mummy just has to be patient. No photos were taken of you today, so mummy was a little disappointed. Your kicks have started to wind down a lot too. I hope you’re doing okay in there, my baby. Rest and grow well, my child. The doctor from the first ultrasound visit said you were a big baby. I wonder what that means! Your Ah Ee (Auntie; mum’s sister) says mummy is going to have a difficult labor because you’re going to be a big sized baby. Ouch! I hope only half of it is true! As long as you are healthy, mummy will be alright.



Love Letters to My Baby – Week 17


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