Week 11: A Trip Up North

baby bump
Image courtesy of http://www.parentsconnect.com

We are in Canada, my little one! Mummy and daddy are meeting up with your grandparents in Edmonton, Alberta … a cold, cold, place. Even though mummy doesn’t like the cold winters there, it was where mummy went to university and met daddy. Mummy survived there for 9 years, and without your daddy by her side … she probably wouldn’t have been able to hold out that long there. Now, we’re back here again, reuniting with friends and family for the holiday season. Mummy still feels tired and hungry all the time, but still happy from the excitement your grandparents were giving, as well as other friends who suspect that you’re hiding inside mummy’s womb. It was so cold during Christmas, mummy didn’t have the mood to go outside at all. She was completely comfortable keeping warm in the house, and resting well for you. One night, mummy felt a strange, consistent throbbing feeling at the lower left of her abdomen. That was a moment of truth she will never forget … the feeling of your first kick (or movement). It was indescribable! Mummy somehow just knew it wasn’t some muscle twitch. It was you, letting me know that you’re in there. In a haste, mummy walked downstairs to find daddy and your grandparents to tell him the news. We were all smiling and talking about it excitedly 🙂 Mummy can’t wait to feel more. Don’t keep mummy waiting for too long, please!



Love Letters to My Baby – Week 14


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