Week 10: The Best Wedding Anniversary Gift

best wedding anniversary gift, image fetus 10 weeks
best wedding anniversary gift, image fetus 10 weeks, viability visit, first ultrasound
Image courtesy of http://www.parentsconnect.com

Do you know what is mummy and daddy’s best wedding anniversary gift? It is the day we heard your heartbeat and saw you on the ultrasound image. Your little heart was fluttering so fast, and you seemed to be resting very comfortably in there. Mummy was praying so hard that everything will be okay. It is difficult not knowing how you are doing in there everyday, except through an ultrasound image or a Doppler. Today’s date is 13 December 2013, exactly a year since mummy and daddy celebrated their wedding with friends and family in Brunei. You are the most wonderful gift life can offer. Mummy and daddy felt more assured that everything is going to be alright. And it’s finally confirmed! We excitedly sent a copy of your photo to your grandparents. They were elated, and can’t wait to meet you in a few more months 🙂 Mummy can’t stop looking at your photo everyday. She wishes she can take a photo of you every week, but that would be a very expensive visit to the doctor, now wouldn’t it? Mummy should save up for your diapers, which you would be needing lots! Grandma told mummy to sing often to you, so that you can hear mummy’s singing and be musically inclined. I wonder if you will become our little Mozart!



Love Letters to My Baby – Week 11


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