An Unexpected Surprise

Wow. It’s been a crazy few months … so much has happened, and I haven’t had a chance to write about anything at all. How disappointing! Now that I am back in shape, I’m going to write, write and write! There won’t be much cooking recipes and adventures moving forward since I have such a busy schedule with my new job. It’s sad … and I do miss eating my own cooking. I just don’t have the energy and time to cook everyday now. Maybe the weekends will be a little more forgiving … but I have to say, my energy has been drained mostly because there’s a tiny, little human inside me … patiently growing, and waiting to meet the world.

Yes … we’re expecting a baby! 🙂

I have these motherly instincts kicking in slowly. Sometimes, I would day-dream of how my little one will look like, and all the things I want to share and play with him. However, there are times where I doubt myself … am I going to be a good mother? Are we ready to be parents? Initially, when we first suspected the pregnancy, we were … shocked. Literally, very surprised … I don’t know. It wasn’t the picture that the movies paint, you know. Screaming in joy, all smiles all day, excitement spilling over to family’s ears. Instead, it was apprehension for us. I was nervous, worried of the sudden change in our lives. Do we have enough money to support this baby? How will I be able to juggle the heavy demands of my new job and my longing to stay home with this baby and nurture it with the best love and care? Besides, the way my body was responding to the pregnancy was something so new and scary. Reading what other people’s experiences are and how birth is going to be painful … all the options, the possible complications, and the cost … it was overwhelming at first. Fortunately, my husband knew how to pull me back up and reminded me not to believe and read everything on the Internet. He assured me everything will be just fine. And the moment we heard the baby’s heartbeat, and see the baby resting comfortable in my womb through the ultrasound … that was when the feeling of true joy kicked in.

Well, one of my motherly instincts is guiding me to write a journal of this pregnancy experience. I hope someday, my child will be able to read this and understand the emotions and obstacles his mother went through. Even though, we have not met … the growing love and devotion that I will give to this child is already immense. I guess that is what they always say … the indescribable bond between a mother and her child. May my child cherish these love letters for years to come.

To wrap this up, my entries will mostly be baby entries now that I’ve experienced a significant life changing event! I’ll still try to post food and travel entries whenever I can 🙂 Besides, I have lots to share on my heritage and customs when it comes to pregnancy and welcoming a newborn into this world. Mostly superstitions, and traditional dietary restrictions based on centuries old Chinese medical and health practices … well, still something to write about. There are curious minds out there wanting to figure out what it’s all about. I’m still learning much of it too.

Love Letters to my Baby – Week 6


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