Abandoned Lamp Cover Revamped into a Plant Pot!


A few weeks ago, my husband spotted an abandoned glass lamp cover just outside our apartment building. He’s really detailed in his observation. You know, that one person or friend, who always points out random but interesting items; items which no one else ever notices its existence? Yeap … that’s my husband alright. Anyhow, I thought perhaps this abandoned lamp cover could be useful as a plant pot. Not sure how that idea actually framed up inside my brain.

After salvaging this item, it sat on my balcony for about two weeks … I had no idea how to secure it in an upright position to make it a plant pot. The base is narrow on the bottom, while the top is wide and heavy. There were days where I would stare at it, and picture how lovely it would look if a blush plant’s stem hangs elegantly over its edges. Then one day, I had an idea. I could attach this abandoned lamp cover using a super-duber glue to this large plant pot tray in which my husband bought from IKEA a long time ago. Have some colorful, decorative stones attached to tray, and put heavier stones inside the lampshade to serve as a weight and good drainage.

The only mistake I made was using too much Gorilla glue on those colorful stones … so as the glue “expanded” this yellowy substance hardened outside of the stones, thus it did not look pretty 😦 Otherwise, it would have been perfect. Nevertheless, I would say it was quite a proud moment when I potted the blush plant in it. Who knew one could turn an abandoned glass lamp cover, a large pot tray and some decorative stones into a unique plant pot?

Ah, the joy of art! 🙂



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