1Utama Wheelchair-Access Unfriendly

I am happy that my dad is recovering fine. His improvement is slow, but safe and sound … he is now able to come with us to outings outside the home. Outings in Malaysia = shopping malls. Sadly, Malaysia may boast of their world-class, exciting shopping centers, but to the eyes of first-world country residents … Malaysian shopping malls do not deserve that title. Not even close. Yes, even the newer shopping malls don’t deserve it.

1Utama Shopping Mall (Petaling Jaya) has got to be kidding me. While it is great they have parking spots for customers who are on wheelchairs, it is downright dumb that they chose areas where the parking spots are inaccessible from the front passenger side. Do they expect all disabled folks to sit in the back seat behind the driver (right-hand drive vehicles)? And … excuse me, what’s with these other drivers and their eyesights and brains? What’s with the fucking multiple car horns? I’d like to see one day the look on your face when you have your parents in a wheelchair and I personally honk at you multiple times to hurry up your unloading process. As if my father on a wheelchair doesn’t have the same freedom and rights to patronize shopping malls and restaurants like you do? Also, who puts these parking lots only in the basement?

Disappointing. Malaysians are a disappointed lot. I am starting to think, while I have great family back here … and the food may be awesome, I don’t think I can continue to live here for a long time. If I want the best for my parents, I’d take them to North America in a heartbeat. In a way, I’m thankful for my solid upbringing that taught me to respect the elderly and people with special needs. While it may be difficult for them to mobilize, they have every right to breathe and enjoy the same outdoor air as everyone else. Society shuns anything outside the norm. And it is utterly disappointing that we treat our elderly and fragile citizens as something outside the norm.


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