Self Centered Citizens

It has been 4 weeks since my dad’s hip and elbow surgery. He is recovering well, but as usual wishes for a faster recovery. The mind tends to play all sorts of trickery. He constantly thinks he is not recovering, and that perhaps the doctor “spoiled” his muscle during surgery. The reason for the numbness he is experiencing in his upper thigh is due to a nerve that has shrunk. The doctor has assured it is temporary but will take time to recover. I was a little frustrated today when he repeated this apprehension of his. I had no choice but to be more stern with logical reasoning. There was no other way during the surgery whereby the surgeon could get access to his bone, fix it and save his life, than to shift the muscles and nerves apart. So what’s the choice? To save your life or to save that numbness feeling? I have tried countless times to remind him to stop worrying about these things and just focus his energy on recovering through hard work physiotherapy. He does not listen. Perhaps one still suffers from the trauma of any accident, and is more aware of one’s body when it is not working normally as we expect it to be.

Even more appalling is the fact that I am wheeling my dad around self centered citizens of Malaysia. Honestly, what’s the rush to get into the elevator? Where is the civic minded people who give priority to the physically challenged people? Disgusting! Even though I love my home, I can only say that I love it because of family, my irreplaceable childhood memories, and of course the food. As for the rest of it, sad to say, I am utterly disappointed.

The other day, after my dad’s physiotherapy session at Sime Darby Medical Center Subang, I brought my dad to the North Tower to find some lunch while waiting for mum to pick us up. We found the elevators, and as usual when the doors opened, the people rushed in as if my dad, who was on a wheelchair, was the invisible man. Never mind, since there was still room, I decided to proceed to wheel my dad in when all of a sudden, two people ran and literally squeezed in between the wheelchair and the lift just to get in front of us to enter the elevator! How disgusting can people get in this world? In my whole life I’ve never seen such selfish and inconsiderate adults! Even a 5-year-old would know how to give way to an elderly. My dad was furious! Not even a word of sorry, the culprits did not even look us in the eye! I hope that scene thought everyone else in the elevator a lesson in life.


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