Face Maker

I have been watching this interesting Japanese drama called Face Maker. The story tells of a man named Kirishima Shun, a plastic surgeon who previously used to work for the US Federal Witness Protection Program. He is nicknamed the “Face Maker” in the black market. Patients come to him seeking to change their lives, and he grants them that wish with a new face. He doesn’t take money but asks for his patients’ previous faces as a payment.

I am still figuring out if there’s some dark motive behind Kirishima‘s operations. Although, it does make one ponder about the desperation that people will go through to change their lives. Also, Kirishima gives the patient the option of choosing any face they like on the shelf, knowingly the faces that are on his shelf are previous faces of other patients. If you had a choice, what kind of face would you choose? Perhaps, there’s someone who thinks your face is better, even when you think it’s the worst?

Each episode tells a story of a patient. Some patients choose to be more beautiful, and some to escape a horrifying past. There are also those who want to take revenge, and those who want to save a loved one. Sometimes, there are twists in the story during their attempts. I love watching Japanese dramas as they are unique. I find most Western movie and dramas quite boring and always having similar themes of love and friendship.

My favourite episode is about a mother, who changed her face so that she can save her son. Both mother and son are victims of domestic violence, and because of a misunderstanding, the court gave her a restraining order and she is not allowed to see her son for a long time. Kirishima was initially hesitant, stating that there are many other ways to save herself and her son. The mother was persistent and her reason was so simple yet so pure of love – she has not seen her son for over a month, and wanted to just be close to him so that she knows he is ok under the care of her abusive husband. The interesting part begins when her previous face was “sold” to another woman. Her husband took that woman in thinking that she is his real wife. Naturally, this other woman is only acting the part since all she wants is money and status, and so she doesn’t care about the young boy. Moreover, she starts to become abusive towards him as well. Is there an invisible bond between mother and child that can reunite them?

If you have a choice, would you change your face? Only wanting to move forward, not knowing what the complications of taking another person’s face are?

“The one who changed your life isn’t me. You yourself did.” — Kirishima Shun~FACE MAKER


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