Home Sweet Home

Somehow, food tastes even better in the company of family,and a night’s sleep is more peaceful after a reunion at home.

I call many places my “home;” Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Edmonton and Red Deer (Canada), Houston (USA), and who knows where next …

I recall an ex-colleague of mine who mentioned that Canada was home because I had been building my own life there. He is wrong. Malaysia, will always be home in my heart. It is the soul of my roots. It is where Grandpa and Grandma chose to immigrate to in hopes for a better future; a place where their grandchildren such as myself have made priceless memories as a child. Perhaps, people utilize the word home differently. To me, it represents a place where family, culture and tradition was part of my upbringing. If I ever lose my way, it is a place that I can count on to redeem myself.


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