“It’s an entire fish, with a head??”

Have you ever brought a Caucasian friend into a Chinese restaurant, order a deliciously deep-fried or banana-leaf-BBQ fish, only to discover that your friend vomited in the restroom after seeing the sight of the cooked fish that still had its head intact?

No, that did not happen yesterday. But I am pretty sure if I went ahead and ordered that dish, I would have been able to witness pale green faces at the dinner table as I secretly chuckle in my mind.

The charming fiance was too nice to inform our guests that all Asian fish dishes are served as an entire fish (with a head and tail). Then came the expressions “Oh my!” and the “Eeew!”  Not to mention, the string of lame jokes that started spewing out of their mouths.

It’s a fish, for god’s sake. Like you, it has a head. Deal with it.

Yeah, yeah. It may be viewed as the primitive way of eating food. To the Western society,  sophisticated and “civilized” human beings like themselves should not have to go through the ordeal of eating, let alone seeing a cooked animal with its bones intact. It should be prim and proper, bone-free and juicy meat.

“Those eye balls … it’s like … the fish is still looking at me. It’s so wrong …”

It makes me wonder, about people who love to fish and perhaps, savor a little meal out of their prized catch. I don’t suppose they actually dismember the head and tail, and then gently skewer the body on a stick to be barbequed over the fire, do they? Unless someone actually presented them with a stash of cash to serve the meal like that, I doubt any fisherman would bother to do that.

So, what did our guests order in the end?

No heads, no wings, and no tail in sight.

Just chicken fried rice.

Oh boy, they’re missing out on a lot of good food in this world.


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