Cold Soba Noodle Dish

Cold Soba Noodle Dish

When I first tried Japanese cuisine, I only ate the noodle dishes. The cold soba dish is my all-time favourite! It wasn’t until a few outings to a Japanese restaurant that I started to eat sushi and sashimi. My trip to Tokyo, Japan, in 2008 opened up more experiences with the local Japanese cuisine.  It was there that I fell more in love with the noodle dishes made by the Japanese. Till today, I can remember the excitement I felt when my cold soba noodle dish was served to me … and the first bite that I took … that savory taste ahhhhh! I will never forget it 🙂

Since the move to Houston, I now have more time to spend in the kitchen as I do not have a full-time job anymore. So my lunches are kept very simple as I eat alone while the hubby is at work. Anyhow, I tried to remake the tasteful experience in Japan by cooking my own cold soba dish. You can add basically anything to the noodles, it is similar to instant noodles … only much healthier!


In this photo, I had cooked the soba noodles with kale vegetable. The omelet was cooked separately, and added to the drained noodles. And some dried seaweed was added as the final touch! Then, the soba sauce is prepared (you can buy this at any asian supermarket). Viola! A simple yet scrumptious meal, quick and easy to make!


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